Crusader Kings 2

crusader kings 2 map

Crusader Kings II is a wargame available on PC. It offers you to embody a noble lineage of Europe between 1066 and 1453. Wars, political plots and intrigues religious: all means are good to expand your field, and perhaps create an empire that spread across the continent. The game also offers a multilayer mode to rewrite history with friends.

A game out of the ordinary … That’s how I would describe Crusader Kings II.
Finally a game or war is not the only interest. Strategic opportunities, manage and expand his dynasty or impose the eyes of the world, everything is almost infinite in this game you can play just as well that Count gentillet on a crusade with what he has, that the mate cruel king who organized peasant revolt and rebellion of his Dukes

“From the point of view of historical chronology, Crusader Kings II is the first wargames Paradox Interactive, occurring over a period from 1066 to 1453. It is placed just before Europa Universalis III (1453-1820 with the Napoleon’s Ambition expansion) and Victoria II (1835-1936) and finally Hearts of Iron III (1936-1948). Four titles, the studio covers nearly nine centuries of European history!”

Dedication that demands respect, especially as the quality of the securities mentioned is demonstrated. However, questions remain about Crusader Kings II. The game has known that iteration, which dates all the same in 2004. Especially, context oldest synonymous with technology less advanced, does he not lead to a shallower game-play? Rest assured, there is nothing. No need to make a war-game tanks complex political and religious intrigue enough! In fact, CKII is probably the most ambitious game ever made by the Swedish developer.

Test Crusader Kings II PC – Screenshot 70 “The map in 1066, before the start of hostilities.”

crusader kinds sword of islam cover cropped

Ambition, he will also have to you as a player. Making you embody any noble of Europe, Crusader Kings II entrusts you with the difficult task of developing the area, and why not build an empire by force of wars, diplomacy and intrigue over generations. Note that you can also start directly on top of the ladder by playing a monarch already established, the task will not be easy, however. In fact, it is almost easier to start small and snatch it by a county or a duchy and there depending on opportunities. Manage an empire, however, can be dangerous: there are many external borders to defend peasant rebellions to watch … And especially internal divisions. Do not forget that the main political entities of the time only show a facade of unity, in reality, it is aggregate disparate, fragmented into a multitude of provinces controlled by vassals with long teeth, sometimes as powerful as their sovereign. Therefore, we must deal with the quarrels of Lords and the struggles, machinations, and knives in the back. This makes the game all the salt

Test Crusader Kings II PC – Screenshot 71 “Ensure male offspring is essential at the time.”

Specifically, you can access the details of all the game characters to interact with them. The possibilities are endless: you can trap a dishonest schemer unmasked by your spy, bribe a neighbor to have a better opinion of you or grant land title to reward deserving vassal. Not to mention family relationships: you decide who to send such child to his education, and who arrange a marriage. Nothing like a beautiful union to obtain a valuable ally: in case of conflict, step-dad will probably lend a hand to his son … Each character has skills (stewardship, diplomacy …), personality traits (humble, brave …) and especially so, his relationship with his lineage and its alliances. Deal with all these parameters is not a trivial matter, but it’s exciting. Play Crusader Kings II returns to don the costume of the puppeteer, we take pleasure in pulling the strings. We sow discord between a vassal and his suzerain, we send the little cousin fifteen years old marry a count which we want to curry favor, they kill his own wife if needed! Machiavelli was not born he had disciples.

Test Crusader Kings II PC – Screenshot 72 “War rages against an Italian countess rebel.”

crusader kings map of the lake

Apart from these political machinations, war seems almost clean. We will certainly cheerfully guts, guts but you get the rules. Yes, the war met specific codes at the time. No way to invade your neighbor because his little corner of woods please! You need a valid casus belli, ie a pretext to justify an attack. It is the role of your Chancellor, who may make claims working in the shadows. If you prefer, you can take the enemies of God: no one will object if you quarrel with a kingdom Nordic pagan or a Muslim caliphate! Religion is also a big role in the game, it will be important to maintain good relations with the Pope to earn points and piety, why not ask the excommunication of a nuisance … But back to the war. Once duly established casus belli, or manufactured, you can raise your troops and those of your vassals, hire mercenaries if the treasure permits, or call the orders of soldier-monks. It remains only to walk on the enemy. The resolution of the fighting is pretty simple except for a few parameters related to terrain (river, relief …), the most powerful army wins. It will still occupy the enemy province some time to extirpate all resistance. After your opponent, bloodless, offers probably conclude peace to your advantage. You are now at the head of a new province and a beautiful capital of prestige points, the accumulation remains the ultimate goal.

Test Crusader Kings II PC – Screenshot 73 “That this poor France in bad shape …”

Besides the military aspect, Crusader Kings II has like most war games component management. Law, economics, technology research … In this area, some players probably regret little effect on many factors. But it is a deliberate choice of developers to stick as close to the story. We have already mentioned, even the most powerful emperor must deal with his vassals lest his beautiful empire breaking up. Thus, it is not possible to change the laws or taxation without their consent, sometimes difficult to obtain. The lack of direct control of these parameters, although realistic, is frustrating at first, then learn to deal with it. Same with the interface elsewhere: it is not perfect but it gets used to its flaws, which have nothing prohibitive. I must say that the game is so good that we want to forgive everything. The app is stable and fluid, which was not always the case in previous productions studio … As for the French localization, it is exemplary. Anyway, Paradox has really outdone itself with Crusader Kings II. All fans of wargames should try it!

Table of Contents

Sword of Islam

The great Crusader Kings II will soon welcome a new DLC called Sword of Islam . It will be offered in the month of June at the rate of 9.99 dollars (7.50 euros) and will give you the opportunity to play as a Muslim lord. This possibility will be accompanied by new game mechanics: systems of laws, marriage, possessions, traits and titles work completely differently. Paradox Interactive also states that the DLC Sword of Islam happen at the same time as the next update 1.06, which will bring some improvements in Crusader Kings II.

The wargame Crusader Kings II will receive in early priced a new extension to ten euros. Republic The give pride of place to market and this time, diplomatic relations, family or military power will give way to cash, engineering trade and economic empire. You will therefore take control of a family of merchants and opening seaways or different trading posts that will obviously protect various attacks.

Cheat code

cheat codes crusader kings 2Press the ~ key (or Shift ²) to open the console code entry, and enter the following codes.

Note: the id of a character can be known by opening the backup file with a text editor (Notepad).

To increase your maximum number of properties you can open the file located in the folder “common” and named “defines.lua” and edit with Notepad “DEMESNE_BASE_MAX_SIZE = 1.0” but it will also affect the IA
allow_laws Allows you to freely change the laws. Repeat to return to normal.
cash 5000 wealth (gold), add a number to the result, for example “cash 10000” gives you 10,000 gold (wealth).
culture “English name of culture” Change your culture (eg, “culture italian” or “culture danish” for Italian culture or Danish)
discover_plots Plots will always be discovered. Repeat to return to normal.
fow on Fog of War on / off
marry_anyone You can marry anyone. (Just seems to allow incestuous relationships). Note: Beware malus “Consanguin”
piety 5000 piety, add a number to the result for a specific amount.
pirate Message “Idunnolol”
plots_known (Enabled by default) plots visible. Enable / Disable.
prestige 5000 prestige, add a number to the following for a specific amount.
religion “English name of religion” Change your religion (for example, “catholic religon” for the Catholic religion)

banish force a person to leave your yard
clear reset the console (clears previous operations)
hello Jump to page character
help Message “No help for you!”
imprison imprison the character
Force attempted murder. Success is not guaranteed.
neg_diplo You can send requests will be denied diplomatic (repeat off)
nextsong Force change music
observed Become an observer. Reload to cancel the effect. (Can crash the game save before using)
pollinate Permeates man’s wife.
revolt cause a revolt in the province selected.
succ Succession

add_diplomacy + / – (#) Add or subtract from diplomacy to a character (Note: max 135 about careful not to go too high)
add_intrigue + / – (#) Add or subtract the plot to a character (Note: max 135 about careful not to go too high)
add_learning + / – (#) Add or subtract the knowledge of a character (Note: max 135 approximately, be careful not to go too high)
add_stewardship + / – (#) Add or subtract the stewardship of a character (Note: max 135 approximately, be careful not to go too high)
age + / – (#) Add or subtract years to a character
nickname change the name of your character

‘Claim ‘ Claim title (see titles in Program Files Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings II history titles ) For example: c_gwent claim for the County of Gwent, d_gwynedd claim to the Duchy of Gwynedd k_england or claim to the Kingdom of England
‘Give_title ‘ Gives you the title AND vassals that are linked.
‘Kill ‘ Instantly kills a character. Example: “kill 1234315”
‘Play ‘ You to change the selected character. Example: “Play 1234315”
‘Titleowner ‘ Gives you the title directly. The lower one is best.

1985 event Removes the line “Homosexual”
event 20000 Increase the opinion of the Pope
event 20200 collect a tithe (tax) special
event 20230 Master Builder (5%)
event 20260 Evolution of cultural technology.
event 20392 Random military technology increases by 10%.
event 20410 Strengthening recruitment of guards. Event Marshal.
event 24504 Makes YOUR WIFE pregnant, takes time to appear buggy effect if used with a female character.
event 24506 imprisons a vassal or courtier random
event 36004 Suicide
event 36005 Suicide
event 400 Being pregnant. For use with a female character. Indeed buggy when used with a male character.
event 55000 Makes a foreign territory neighbors the same culture as yours.
event 923 Master builder steward.

(Repeat if the selected line is not obtained)
1001 event wolverine / temperate
1003 event charitable / miser
1004 event lazy / courageous
1005 event nice / envious (female)
1006 event nice / envious (man)
1007 event angry / patient
1008 event proud / humble
1009 event rogue / honest
1010 event cowardly / brave
1011 event shy / sociable
1012 event ambitious / satisfied
1013 event arbitrary / fair
1014 event cynical / zealous
1016 event paranoid / confident
1017 event cruel / kind

1018 event lustful / chaste
5000 event student / mystical become
5020 event gardener / Impaler become
5030 event duelist / poet become
5040 event hunter / falconer become
5050 event poet / falconer become (feme)

1030 event lose temperate
1031 event lose glutton
1032 event lose charitable
1033 event lose miser
1034 event lose courage (work)
1035 event lose lazy
1036 event lose nice
1037 event lose envious
1038 event patient lose
1039 event lose angry
1040 event lose humble
1041 event losing proud
1042 event lose concupiscent
1043 event lose honest
1044 event lose deceitful
1045 event lose brave (brave)
1046 event lose loose
1047 event lose friendly
1048 event losing shy
1049 event lose satisfies
1050 event ambitious lose
1051 event just lose
1052 event lose arbitrary
1053 event lose zealous
1054 event lose cynical
1055 event lose paranoid
1056 event lose confidence
5002 event student / scholar / scholar
5003 event mystical
5024 event Impaler
5025 event gardener
5032 event aspiring poet
5033 event aspiring duelist
5036 event duelist
5037 event poet
5041 event aspiring falconer
5042 event aspiring hunter
5045 event hunter
5046 event falconer
5066 event hedonist