Medieval 2: Total War

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Medieval 2: Total War

, then there are a few things that you should know regarding it. First of all, the number 2 in the title of the game is a direct clue to the fact that it represents a sequel to Medieval: Total War. At the same time, this represents the fourth release under the Total War collection. The creators of this game consist in the team at The Creative Assembly who has been known to release strategically games on the market.

This one is no different, in the sense that it is based on the turn-based strategic rounds but compared to other games; this one is set in the medieval times as the title itself says. The period of time that this game is set in varies between 1080 and 1530 and the strategically schemes are related to subjects such as medieval political issues and religion.

In addition to this, Medieval 2: Total War is especially related to the time when the Americas have been discovered and then conquest. There are also similarities between this game and Rome: Total War in the sense that they have been created based on the same code.

How to play Medieval 2: Total War

how to play medieval 2 total war

Playing Medieval 2: Total War is very fun and captivating which is why this game has become so popular since it has first been released in 2006. There are actually two different ways of playing the game, depending on your preferences: single-player and battles.

The cool thing about battles is that you can play it with other players simultaneously which is why it makes it very captivating for a lot of gamers. If you prefer to engage yourself in playing this game on your own, your tasks are going to be simpler and they are surely different compared to the tasks that are meant for multi-players.There are also a few scenarios that have been created by default such as the Battle of Agincourt or the Battle of Arsuf. Considering the fact that you are going to benefit from a long period of time, you are able to start a civilization and work to sustain it and conquer more territories. You will also have to develop economic, social and military strategies. There are also a few great features that allow you to decide between fighting the battle personally or calculate the total costs of the war and which is the best alternative.


Medieval 2: Total War

advantages and disadvantages of medieval 2

Advantages and disadvantages

Medieval 2: Total War is definitely the perfect game for those of you who love creating strategies and playing medieval games. There are a lot of advantages that you are able to benefit from such as the fact that you are going to engage yourself in a game which makes you feel as if you were right in the middle of the action. This impression is created based on the amazing graphics that are almost similar to the experience that you have in the cinema. Therefore, you are surely going to love playing this game and feel like you are there with your army and fighting in order to conquer more territories.

Except the graphics, the sounds also play an important role and they are based on a very high quality. If there would be a word to describe the game then that definitely represents “epic”. When it comes to the disadvantages, the only one that you could find consists in the fact that you can’t engage in the game with other players unless you start the battle. So, if you would just like to build a civilization in a multi-player kind of way, you wouldn’t be able to do that. In addition to this, you need to have the required computer features in order to benefit from the best kind of experience playing this game.